British Citizenship by Naturalization

The pathway to acquiring British Citizenship often involves naturalization, where individuals must complete Form AN and submit it to the Home Office.

Form AN typically encompasses most adults from other countries seeking British citizenship.

How can one apply? This is an online application as well as a paper application, depending on the country you are applying from.

What does the naturalization application process entail? Before initiating the British Citizenship application process, one must meet all requirements.

These include:

  • Residency in the UK for a continuous period of at least five years (or three if married to a British citizen).
  • No breaches exceeding 90 days in a 12-month period or 450 days within the overall five-year period.
  • Holding Indefinite Leave to Remain or EU Settled Status for a minimum of one year.
  • Passing the Life in the UK test.
  • Meeting the ‘good character’ requirement.
  • Proficiency in English, Welsh, or Scottish Gaelic to the required standard.

Always check with your country about the law relating to dual nationality as not all countries allow it.

Completion of each section meticulously enhances the likelihood of success.

Given the non-refundable fee, meticulous completion and adherence to the highest standards are imperative.

Required documentation may include:

  • Life in the UK and IELTS test certificates
  • Evidence of Indefinite Leave to Remain or EU Settled Status
  • Original passport
  • Evidence of previous visas/residency documents
  • All travel documents from the preceding five-year or three-year period to demonstrate continuous residence.

Seeking assistance from an experienced immigration advisor is strongly recommended.

Common reasons for refusal include;

  • Inadequate and wrong documentation,
  • not meeting the requirements,
  • inaccuracies in the application form, and
  • failure to respond promptly to inquiries.

How much does this cost? The current fee is £1500.

Engaging a licensed immigration adviser who will guide you through every step of the way,  enhances the likelihood of the application being successful. For personalized assistance and expert advice on UK citizenship applications, contact AK Immigration Advisory Service today via or call 07547435450.

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