Types of UK Family Visa

Family reunification lies at the heart of immigration policies worldwide, and the UK is no exception. Whether you’re seeking to join or remain with your spouse, fiancé, civil partner, unmarried partner, child, or parent in the UK, understanding the requirements for family visas is essential. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the eligibility criteria, documentation, and application process for each family visa category, helping you navigate the path to reunification with your loved ones in the UK.

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1. Spouse Visa

The UK spouse visa allows individuals to join their British, EU national with pre-settled status or settled partner in the UK for an extended period. To qualify for a spouse visa, you must demonstrate a genuine and subsisting relationship, meet the financial requirements, and satisfy the English language proficiency criteria. Additionally, you’ll need to provide evidence of accommodation and intent to live together in the UK.

2. Fiancé Visa

If you’re engaged to a British citizen, EU national with pre-settled status, or settled person and wish to marry in the UK, you can apply for a fiancé visa. This visa allows you to enter the UK for up to six months to marry your partner and then switch to a spouse visa to remain in the country. To qualify, you must intend to marry within six months, prove your genuine intention to marry and live together, and meet the financial and accommodation requirements.

3. Civil Partner Visa

The civil partner visa is similar to the spouse visa.  The eligibility criteria and application process mirror those of the spouse visa, requiring evidence of a genuine and subsisting relationship, financial stability, and accommodation arrangements in the UK.

4. Unmarried Partner Visa

Couples who have been living together in a committed relationship akin to marriage or civil partnership for at least two years may be eligible for an unmarried partner visa. This visa category allows unmarried partners to join their British, EU national with pre-settled staus or settled partner in the UK, provided they can demonstrate the genuineness and longevity of their relationship, meet the financial requirements, and have suitable accommodation in the UK.

5. Child Visa

Parents who are non-British citizens, in a relationship with a British citizen or someone that is Settled in the UK and applying to join their partner in the UK can apply for a child visa to bring their dependent child to live with them in the UK. To qualify, the child must be under the age of 18, not married or in a civil partnership, and financially supported without recourse to public funds. Additionally, the parent(s) must have suitable accommodation and be able to provide evidence of their relationship with the child.

6. Adult Dependent Parent Visa

Adults who are dependent on their British citizen or settled child in the UK may be eligible for a parent visa. This visa category allows parents to join their child in the UK if they require long-term care due to age, illness, or disability, and the care cannot be provided in their home country. Applicants must demonstrate their dependency on their child and their inability to support themselves financially.

7. Parent Visa

For parents who wish to join their British citizen or settled child in the UK, the Parent Visa offers a pathway to family reunification. This visa category is designed for adults who have access to their children and take an active role in their upbringing. Whether or not the child lives with them. To qualify for a Parent Visa, applicants must demonstrate their access rights to their child, the role they take in their child(ren)’s lives. Additionally, they must provide evidence of their relationship with their child, such as birth certificates or adoption papers. The parent visa application process requires careful documentation. Our team at AK Immigration Advisory Service is here to assist you in preparing a strong application, ensuring that you can join and remain with your child in the UK.

8. Indefinite Leave to Enter as a Child

For children of British citizens or individuals settled in the UK who are residing overseas, the Indefinite Leave to Enter (ILE) offers a pathway to join their family members in the UK permanently. This visa category allows children to enter the UK with the intention of settling permanently. To qualify for ILE as a child, applicants must meet specific eligibility criteria, including proving their relationship to a British citizen or settled person in the UK, demonstrating their dependency on their parent(s) for care and support, and providing evidence of adequate accommodation in the UK.

The application process for Indefinite Leave to Enter as a Child involves submitting detailed documentation to support the child’s eligibility, including birth certificates, evidence of parental relationship, and proof of dependency. Additionally, the UK sponsor can be a parent or relative.

Common reasons for visa refusal include;

  • Inadequate and wrong documentation,
  • not meeting the requirements,
  • inaccuracies in the application form, and
  • failure to respond promptly to inquiries.

Navigating the requirements for family visas in the UK can be complex, but with the guidance and expertise of AK Immigration Advisory Service, you can reunite with your loved ones in the UK with confidence. Our experienced team is here to provide personalized assistance every step of the way, ensuring a smooth and successful application process for you and your family. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you navigate the path to family reunification in the UK.

For personalized assistance and expert advice on UK Sponsor Licence applications, contact AK Immigration Advisory Service today via info@akias.co.uk or call 07547435450.

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